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Memory Wire and Leftovers

Memory wire bracelet with leftover beads

Leftovers aren’t just for lunch anymore.

I had a few gorgeous handmade lampwork beads left over from a previous project and only 20 minutes to “play”.  So I  slid the beads onto some stainless steel memory wire, wrapped a single loop at each end and voilà!

Sometimes, simplest is best.

I like memory wire because I prefer to wear multi-strand bracelets … I don’t need to fiddle with a clasp … and the memory wire flexes enough that I don’t have to be concerned with exact sizing.

Jewelry-making tip: When working with memory wire, use durable tools that are designed for steel.  I have a set of shear cutters and pliers that I use only on memory wire.

memory wire tools

Memory wire is stainless steel, so be sure to use shear cutters and pliers that are hardened for steel.

A single loop is enough to hold these beauties in place.  Before you cut your wire, make sure you leave enough extra space for the bracelet to flex to your satisfaction.

Memory wire end loop

A simple loop is enough to end this memory wire bracelet.

Easy to make.

Easy to wear.


What do you do with your leftovers?

Creatively yours,