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Pliers, pliers, everywhere!

I adore tools. Really. The perfect tool for a job is a beautiful thing.

My tools overfloweth.


So I consulted Pinterest (of course) and found this cool DIY pliers caddy from Embergrass Jewelry, which became the foundational idea for my own caddy.

I modified the technique based on the materials I had on hand. My supplies were:
Cardboard box
Bone folder
Wallpaper sample *

* I covered mine with wallpaper because I had it on hand, but oodles of other options would work: paper, washi tape, duct tape, paint, etcetera.

Using a box for the frame made sense to me because it already had the folded edge I wanted for the top of my shape.


For my first try, I wanted a 16″ caddy, which is fairly long, so I used a rather large box. For this tutorial, though, I used a smaller section of the same box.

I sliced open the box and selected the corner that would be the top fold of my finished rack, making sure the box wasn’t overlapping in the area I wanted. I marked the inside of the fold with a bold marker to make it easier to measure the next step. (Confession: I already used the best corner of the box for the first caddy. For this tutorial, I’m using an uneven corner that has an overlapping layer, even though it is a bit lopsided in the end.)

Center line:


I measured and drew a line 4″ from the center mark. Then I measured and drew a second line 6.5″ from the center mark.


I repeated the measuring and marking process on the other side of my center line.

I cut the cardboard along both 6.5″ marks.

Then I measured the length of my finished caddy and marked it on the center line and trimmed each edge nice and straight.


Using a bone folder, I scored the cardboard on each 4″ line. This gave me the fold I wanted to make the bottom.


The bone folder was perfect because it would “cut” through the currogated inside layer of the cardboard … but would not cut through the outer edge. It also wouldn’t cut my new work table. Whew.

I bent the cardboard along the 4″ lines that I scored, which gave me an overlapping bottom.

Here is my upside down frame…


I turned it right-side up and stapled the overlap to hold it together.


I stapled the other end as well, then pressed the staples in firmly with pliers.


I measured the wallpaper I would need for my caddy, adding an additional 2″ of width so that I could fold over the edges. I cut the wallpaper 12″ long to give me enough paper to wrap the caddy with a bit of overlap to glue it together.

Once trimmed, I marked the extra width on the wallpaper and folded it over for a finished edge.


And I angle cut the folded-over edges so they wouldn’t stick out when the wrapping was done. Being persnickety at this stage paid off in the end.


I covered the open ends of my frame with wallpaper and taped them in place. It wasn’t necessary for function, but I liked the finished look.


Making sure it was centered, I used a bit of tape to adhere one edge of the wallpaper to bottom of the frame. I took care to not leave much tape on the wallpaper itself because I needed adhesive in the final step to hold the layers together.


Before glueing the paper, I did a “dry” run to make sure I had everything centered and overlapped properly.


Then I brushed adhesive on the paper and wrapped it around the frame, pressing it into place for good adhesion.

Ta-dah! A new plier caddy. Super functional. Super easy to make.

Here is my first caddy, loaded and ready:

Many thanks to Embergrass Jewelry for the original plier caddy tutorial.

Let me know what you think of this caddy … and my blog post in general. This is my first blog post done entirely on my mobile device, unedited photographs and all.

Creatively yours,