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New Year’s Appreciations

At the end of summer, I practice self-evaluation and goal-setting. That is when I make my resolutions. I work and live in an academic cycle, I guess.

January 1st, when the year is fresh and new, I like to just be. To appreciate. To love. To be kind. To be gentle with myself and others. To sit (metaphorically) in stillness and not judge or search for faults or weaknesses or missed opportunities. For me, this is the perfect way to open a new year.

Let the awesomeness of 2016 begin! 
Creatively yours,


Looking Forward

2015 hasn’t quite lived up to my expectations. Thankfully, it’s only February and there’s time for this year to perk up.

Please, 2015: perk up!

I’m always hopeful, so here are some things I’m looking forward to…

Beaded Kumihimo Memory Wrap Bracelet

How many edits are required to satisfy a persnickety tutorial-writer? I don’t know. I’ll let you know when I’m done.


Yes, I edited the Memory Wire Beaded Kumihimo tutorial. Again. Apparently, it takes six hands to photograph this while executing the technique. Sadly, I don’t have six hands. I’ve had to improvise. Repeatedly. It’s working. Sort of.

I’m not a giver-upper.

Beaded kumihimo memory wire bracelet by Monica K Campbell, EdM.


I’m also looking forward to teaching Beaded Kumihimo at Parkland Community College this summer.

This will be our in-class project when I teach Beaded Kumihimo this summer.

This will be our in-class project when I teach Beaded Kumihimo this summer.


More Beaded Kumihimo

More Beaded Kumihimo


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Dearest 2015, get your act together now. Please.


Creatively yours,


Just 5 More Minutes

“Just 5 more minutes. Pleeeeaaassse!”

No, I’m not trying to sleep in. I want to finish one more project.


But alas and alack, I’m out of time for tonight. I’ll share more when these are finished. Keys and buttons and more.

Come back soon.

Creatively yours,