I design … I teach … I create … I craft … I love kumihimo


Make it beautiful and make it to last.  

I’m a Technique Educator in the jewelry-making industry and I own ilovekumihimo.

I now specialize in creating surprisingly durable jewelry and I enjoy teaching my jewelry-making techniques.  I believe this: if jewelry is beautiful enough you want to wear it every day, then it should be durable enough that you can.

Why is my business called ilovekumihimo? I discovered kumihimo after a car collision changed my body and my life. My injuries left me unable to make the delicate frameless glass pendants that were my signature design, so I searched for something new to learn. Something lightweight and portable. Kumihimo (pronounced coo-me-he-mō) is a Japanese form of braiding. The name alone intrigued me — I had never heard of it — but the beautiful braids and ancient origins of the technique fascinated me as well. And yes, kumihimo braids are quite durable.

When I realized kumihimo supplies weren’t readily available in my community, I transitioned my business from design to retail and instruction. Wow, that was a huge leap.

I now teach a variety of jewelry-making techniques at Parkland Community College. To find my courses, look in the Community Education 505 catalog. http://parkland.edu/communityed

I have a Master’s Degree in Education and over 15 years of jewelry-making experience. I am passionate about learning and teaching and I thrive on the challenges of developing durable jewelry-making techniques.

As a solopreneur, I’m still learning. I do my own photography, editing, blogging, marketing, accounting, ordering, stressing, etc. In my spare time, I still design jewelry. It’s all good.

Most of my designs are water resistant; many are waterproof.  My durability testing is unique and quite thorough.  Nothing I make will last forever, but I want my designs to be wearable for a very long time.  If this philosophy resonates with you, I think you’ll enjoy this blog.

Shop for kumihimo and jewelry-making supplies at ilovekumihimo on Etsy.

Creatively yours,

Monica K Campbell, EdM

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  1. Hi, my email address is baakardi@hotmail.com. I absolutley love the wrapped bracelet, please let me know when your tutorial is available,
    Many thanks for sharing,

  2. Nancy knoll said:

    Can’t find the kumihimo memory wire tutorial. Can you help?

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