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New Chapter: PhD Program

I’m excited to tell you I’m closing my retail shop as I prepare for my doctoral studies.

My initial pang at the thought of closing my retail shop has now turned into something no less than complete enthusiasm. Sometimes letting go of one dream is the only way to grab ahold of a bigger dream.

I love kumihimo. I am proud to be a kumista. I will continue braiding and designing and teaching, as time allows.

The retail portion of the business, however, was never my passion. I initially sold the supplies because they weren’t readily available in my local area and because I could give my classes an excellent price break by buying in bulk. I’m happy to close shop. Retail is a drag, folks. You can quote me on that. But teaching … well, that’s where the fun is. You can quote me on that, too.

I’m ready to research. I’m ready to learn. I’m ready to teach more than kumihimo. I’m ready to embrace the challenges I’ve faced in learning to live with my invisible disability and turn my personal growth into something that will ultimately, I hope, help others.

Goodbye, retail! I’ll miss my customers but I won’t miss my studio looking like a mini warehouse. 

Pour the coffee. It’s time to hit the books.
Hittin the Books

Creatively yours,



I have nothing against computers, smart phones, text reminders or online calendars. After all, I’ve been an information technology specialist for a few days now (10,000 or so). You’re doing the math on that, aren’t you? Decades. Let’s just say I’ve been a girl geek for decades. 

But oh, how I enjoy writing in a book. It’s magical in the most analog sense. Smooth, thick paper. Flowing, bold pen. 

Of course I had to customize my journal with some cool Piddix art and my own little name.

I need some comfort and super-human organizational skills as I look at the quickly-approaching new year. I’ve made some decisions, you see. Changes are afoot. Hard work is in my future (I ❤️️ Hard Work). A lot of details are still up in the air — and in my newly customized Bullet Journal — but I plan to share more as time goes by. 

If you would, please wish me good things as my dreams unfold. I’ll gladly do the same for you. 
Creatively yours,