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Sometimes you can gauge the day just by the mess left behind.


Today was a good day.

What messes are you making?

Creatively yours,


If It Works

It’s true. I’ll use any handy thing for a kumihimo weight.


Hey, if it works, it’s good.

Now where are my car keys?

Creatively yours,


Nunn Design® Summer Collection Giveaway

Nunn Design® has a new Summer Collection and they’re giving it away!

I’ve already been designing with a couple of the new charms. They’re fantastic!

I’m hoping to win the whole caboodle. Seriously.

Nunn design has been busy! This is the prize. Hurry, ends June 8, 2014.

Nunn design has been busy! Hurry, enter to win all this by June 8, 2014.

Wouldn’t you like to win? You would. I know you would.

That’s nice.

This is really nice weather we’re having, right? Such a great time of year.

What??? You just want to know about the giveaway?  ;-)  I understand. Here you go…


Good luck to you!

If you win, stop back by and show us something you made, ok?


Creatively yours,


Perfect Camouflage

I’m persnickety. No one doubts this, right?

I found a comfortable denim jacket that met all my standard criteria: comfortable fit, great length and perfectly-sized pockets … and the jacket was even in the exact shade of color I wanted. I didn’t hesitate to buy it, even though it had the maker’s tag sewn right on a front pocket. Ew.

Why didn’t I hesitate? Because I knew I could trim that little tag right off. And I did.

Tag be gone!

Tag be gone!

Which left an unsightly dark splotch where the denim underneath the tag didn’t fade during the pre-washing-whatever-process that denim jacket maker people do. I suffered through wearing the blemish for about a week. Then my new Nunn Design components arrived. Ta-daaa!

Empty Nunn Design ® Oval Brooch component

Empty Nunn Design ® Oval Brooch component

I just knew an oval brooch would camouflage that darkened denim blemish perfectly.

Perfect camouflage.

Perfect camouflage.

And it did! But there is more to the story. As if perfect camouflage isn’t enough … the brooch can also be worn as a pendant. Score!

It's a brooch; it's a pendant.

It’s a brooch; it’s a pendant.

I like this Nunn Design ® brooch so much, I’ll be adding all available shapes to my shop: oval, round, rectangular. Thank you, Becky Nunn!


And yes, I made multiple brooches while I experimented. Because they’re super simple to make … and super fun to wear.

Waterproof brooch/pendant with vintage kimono fabric design, hand made by Monica at Ikumihimo.

Waterproof brooch/pendant with vintage kimono fabric design, hand made by Monica at Ikumihimo.

Persnicketiness pays. Oh, and if you like the art in these brooch designs, you’ll want to read all about my secret.


Creatively yours,